Family hotel in Kiten Sunday *** and Elite **

"Kiten, Kiten! So gorgeous and ornate and green and pretty and beautiful that day! You really are beautifully saturated. The echo of your caresses and of your pitch will not die down even in the next century!"

Family Hotel in Kiten
“SUNDAY” *** and Elite **

Family hotel SUNDAY is built in modern
style combining comfort and modern
design trends. Located on the beach, the hotel offers something unique
The combination from a wonderful panorama, high quality, service with love and care for the client.

Our family and team take care of you so that you forget her everyday life to feel as if every day is summer sunday.


Hotel SUNDAY, Kiten - on the first line

Caressed by the azure sunrise and the sea breeze

Романтиката ce чувства навсякъде – в живописната околна среда и двата уютни плажа: северния – Атлиман и южния – Караач. Между тях, навътре в морето се прорязва полуостров с митичното име Урдовиза. Избирайкиhotel SundayYou choose to enjoy the vast expanse of sea from the balcony of your room, apartment or restaurant.

pool 1
pool 2

Hotel SUNDAY - with a cozy garden restaurant

Не само барът ни е до морето, а и нашият ресторант също. Прекрасната ни градина е обърнала взор към безбрежната морска шир, а поточето и камъните в нея придават усещането за Изтока и духовната енергия. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast in the sun and sea breeze, lunch or a gentle summer evening in the embrace of your loved ones and the moonwalk in our garden restaurant with delicious fish dishes.

- Where the bar is by the sea and the pool

"KITEN, KITEN! YOUR BEAUTIFUL AND JEWELRY AND GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL AND BEAUTIFUL ON THIS DAY! YOU ARE REALLY SO BEAUTIFUL. YOUR EASY OF YOUR PLEASURES AND YOUR BAK WOULDN'T HAVE YOU!" For the comfort of our guests, we also made a pool in which the water is disinfected by a special ecological technology of reverse osmosis and marine
salt, as well as a cocktail bar to enjoy the slow life. We have also taken care of the little sunflowers - the pool has a separate children's section.

restaurant 1
restaurant 2

Holidays in Kiten

рвсторант- градина

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